Customer Data Platforms



Pipedrive is a Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables companies to collect, process and analyze customer data in order to improve customer engagement and marketing performance. The main features of a CDP include customer segmentation, data integration, marketing analytics, and campaign management.

Pipedrive helps companies to better understand their customers by allowing them to collect and process customer data from a variety of sources, including website interactions, purchase histories, contact lists, and social media. This data can then be used to create customer segments based on common interests or behaviors, which can then be used to target marketing campaigns more effectively. Pipedrive also provides marketing analysts with detailed insights into how customers interact with marketing content and what types of content are most effective at driving engagement. Finally, the campaign management functionality allows companies to quickly create and execute targeted marketing campaigns based on customer data.

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What is a Customer Data Platform?

Customer Data Platforms give businesses a holistic view of their customers, across all touchpoints, in one place. They allow marketing and sales teams to see all interactions that a customer has had with the company, both online and offline. This allows them to create more personalized experiences for each customer and improve their chances of converting them into a customer.

The main features of Customer Data Platforms include tracking customer behavior across channels, managing customer profiles, and creating targeted marketing campaigns. It also allows businesses to gather data from various sources and consolidate it into one place, so that they can analyze it and make better decisions about how to market to their customers.

Monday Sales CRM is a software application that assists sales professionals in managing their sales pipeline and activities. It helps them track leads, opportunities, and customer interactions.

The main features of Monday Sales CRM include contact management, lead management, opportunity management, and activity management. It also provides reporting and analytics to help sales professionals measure their performance and track progress towards their goals.

SALESmanago is a cloud-based marketing automation tool used for managing email marketing, automated tasks, and CRM. It offers a wide range of features, including contact management, lead scoring, lead nurturing, automated email marketing, A/B testing, and reporting.

SALESmanago also integrates with a variety of other platforms, including Salesforce, Google Analytics, WordPress, and Shopify.

NiceJob is a web-based platform that allows businesses to collect and analyze customer feedback data.

The main features of NiceJob include the ability to view customer feedback data at a glance, see which points in the customer journey customers are referring your business, and track employee mentions.

NiceJob also offers customer satisfaction ratings and graphs to help businesses better understand their customer feedback data.

Klaviyo is a marketing automation platform that helps businesses grow by sending targeted emails, tracking customer behavior, and running powerful reports. Some of Klaviyo’s main features include automated email sequencing, website tracking, and Facebook custom audience targeting.

Klaviyo is used by a wide range of businesses, including apparel companies, online stores, event organizers, and publishers.

A ZoomInfo is a tool used for tracking sales leads and opportunities. It allows sales representatives to keep track of their contacts and their interactions with those contacts, as well as any associated deals or opportunities. The main features of ZoomInfo include the ability to: 

  • Track and manage sales leads;
  • Create deals and track associated opportunities;
  • View contact information and history;
  • Share information with colleagues;
  • Create reports on sales activity.

Ortto is a software that helps businesses acquire and retain customers. Their software allows businesses to unify their customer data, segment key audiences, activate those audiences with personalized experiences, and analyze their business for growth.

Ortto is a product-led growth engine that helps businesses grow and scale their operations.

A Salesforce Marketing Cloud is a comprehensive platform that enables businesses to manage and execute successful marketing campaigns. It provides a wide range of features, including email marketing, social media management, website personalization, and lead scoring. The platform allows businesses to track and analyze campaign results in order to optimize future campaigns.

Overall, Salesforce Marketing Cloud is an essential tool for any business looking to improve their marketing efforts.

Apollo platform is a sales intelligence tool that helps sellers and marketers connect with new customers and establish a go-to-market strategy. It has a variety of features, including prospecting, engagement, and driving revenue.

Apollo is trusted by over 10,000 customers for its data intelligence and sales engagement capabilities.

Lusha is a web-based platform that provides its users with access to millions of verified email addresses and phone numbers of business professionals all over the world. The service allows users to search for contact information for potential business partners, customers, or suppliers.

Lusha also provides a Chrome extension that allows users to collect email addresses and phone numbers from any website with a single click.